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Price comparison for Pikmin 4 on Switch

Below you will find the latest prices, deals and bargains for Pikmin 4 on the Nintendo Switch in Australia. Every couple of hours we check the latest prices for all games. All the prices are in AUD and most stores are all in Australia. Shipping isn't included.

Description: Meet Pikmin, small, plantlike creatures you can grow, pluck, command, and overpower your enemies with! These curious helpers come in different types—fire is no sweat for Red Pikmin and the brand-new Ice Pikmin can freeze enemies and the environment. Use your Pikmin’s miniature might (and a bit of strategy) to explore this mysterious planet. You get a dog, too! Oatchi, resident good boy and dependable partner, can help with things like smashing obstacles and carrying Pikmin throughout your adventure. With the miniscule Pikmin and a capable canine in tow, no challenge is too big!

Release date: Friday 21 July 2023
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Deals found for Pikmin 4
Pikmin 4 $64.00 Monday 18:00 PM
4 days ago
Pikmin 4 Standard $64.00 Saturday 07:13 AM
5 days ago
Pikmin 4 $69.00 Monday 18:00 PM
3 months ago
Pikmin 4 (Switch Game) $69.95 Monday 08:03 AM
9 months ago
Pikmin 4 $76.95 Monday 18:02 PM
1 week ago
Pikmin 4 $79.95 Monday 18:02 PM
9 months ago
Pikmin 4 $79.95 Monday 18:01 PM
9 months ago
Pikmin 4 $79.99 Monday 08:03 AM
3 months ago