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Have not been able to work on Gamedeals much in the last 7 months or so but have started again and moved the server to something bigger (was going down too much) and optimized some of the scrapes so the server stops failing. Also fixed and other scrapes that weren't working for the last couple of months.


Nothing for a visitor to see but finally moved the site to Australia (originally this was hosted on a UK server). I've also made the server smaller because was running something way to big. You might see a small impact to overall site speed but will try to fix in the next couple of weeks.


Most updates have come in new sites added to the site:,, Some of these I'm not displaying yet on the homepage as they need some work to integrate properly but can alreayd be seen when searching for games. Also added game pages so shows up in more searches. Other small changes are back-end related to optimise queries and fixing existing stores to scrape.


Long time since updating this page but lot's has been done on the back to make sure prices are more accurate. Also added more shops like dvdland, sanity and ishoptech. Also added Game pass page with all games that Game pass provides (however this is currently not updated and needs work). To be 100% transparent: i've added an affiliate code for Amazon on all Amazon products. Running a website isn't free and this is the only source of covering the costs.


Added basic search function to the site. Let me know how to improve if you have any ideas.


Added to the website!


Kotaku Australia wrote about! Which is insane really.. Thank you so much Alex! You can find the article here.


Added a "new games" section, when new games are available for the first time (i.e. pre-orders) you can find them in this section per platform.


Added a header to differentiate between days.


Website launch.